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The Honda Express 2 Moped, Best Farmyard Find yet!

Finding Honda

Con Man's 80cc Motorized Bicycle (attempted)

Con Man’s 80cc Bike Project

This past week Con Man purchased an 80cc Bicycle Engine to put onto his cheap-ass, 15 year old Mountain Bike. However, his bike’s metal frame was too wide for the mounting that came with the Engine, and the bike frame was also just a little too short. So while Con Man was contemplating some way to jerry-rig the motor onto his bike, Trumper was viewing the current state of gas-powered bi-pedal vehicles for sale in the immediate region.

During his daily dig into Craigslist, Trumper saw an ad for a vintage 1979 Honda Express 2 Scooter (although, we typically refer to it as a Moped). The photos and description indicated a well-kept antique Moped, with a 2-stroke engine. The only issue was a small amount of fuel leaking through the carburetor ever so slightly (probably only needing the pin replaced), which they disclosed in their ad.

Honda Express Moped - Farmyard Find

Vintage Scooter / Moped Farmyard Find

Sale price $300.

Within two hours, Con Man & Trumper made the trek to the farm and came back with a vintage 1979 Honda Express II Scooter. They even talked the Farmer down to $250 for a great deal.

This was truly Con Man’s best Farmyard Find yet in 2017. And Con Man is a true master at the art of the deal, especially with Trumper giving him the mechanical low-down about the bike.

Three hours later we unloaded the Moped from the back of Trumper’s Silverado, put a little gas and oil into their respective chambers, and down the road we went. Just like the 1970’s Honda ad declares, “100 Smiles to the Gallon!

Honda Express II Scooter

1979 Honda Mopeds - info sheet

1979 Honda Mopeds – info sheet (click to view)

After several more beers and laps around with neighborhood, laughing our asses off, Con Man was chased down by a bald man in a Ford Pickup Truck. Instinctively Con Man coasted back to his lair where we had been congregating all afternoon, only to be confronted by (of ALL things) a Vintage Moped Collector & Enthusiast.

The neighbor had seen seen us cruising the cul de sacs, and so he jumped into his truck and gave chase. The four of us (Con Man, Trumper, Lib’er, and Mr. Moped) discussed these antique motorized bicycles for a good hour or so as Con Man learned a thing or two from his neighbor. The best news being that with only minor mechanical work and a little elbow-grease, Con Man’s $250 investment could turn into $700 or $800 if he decides to sell it.

The Honda Express 2 Scooter Con Man purchased is in excellent condition with only 1,004 miles on it. Which, after 39 years was a mere pittance per year. The carburetor issue appears only to be minor, and plans are in action to repair and restore the bike as much as possible (while we also have some FUN riding on her).

Though, you know what they say about mopeds… You don’t want any of your friends to see you riding. LMAO

Riding a Vintage Moped for the 1st Time

Honda Express Moped advertisement circa 1982

Honda Express Moped advertisement circa 1982 (click to view)

So, I the author, decided that on my first trip around the block, I would wear a Go Pro on my chest for an interesting perspective. (Honestly, I forgot the Go Pro was on Linear Mode rather than the default Wide Angle.) The idea was to allow you, our readers, to see the experience first hand. It is difficult to describe the enjoyment you get from riding a motorized bicycle like this, with the 2-stroke engine beating in synch with your hand on the throttle. It is something you need to experience in real life to fully appreciate. Hopefully, the video below will provide a good example of the experience.

To learn more about the Honda Scooter on Wikipedia, click here.

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Honda Express Moped advertisement photo circa 1982

GoPro Video Demonstrating the RAW FURY of the Honda Express 2

These vintage Honda Scooters / Mopeds are a hoot to ride. Hopefully that aspect comes through in the video.

Things to notice: The high pitch sound of the 2-stroke engine humming away, yet muffled and compressed by the narrow orifice at the end of the exhaust expansion chamber. The rush of the wind as the Moped picks up speed, almost overtaken by the sound of the engine. The slight vibration in the video caused by the one-sided seat shock attempting to smooth out the ride. And also the rear-view mirrors showing interesting views every now and again. Enjoy!


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