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Lower Alcohol IPA Craft Beer

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Mango Even Keel IPA - back of the can

Ballast Point Mango Even Keel IPA showing the back of the can.

I started drinking Microbrews in the early 1990’s (before the term Craft Beer was in widespread use). My love of good beer began with Samuel Adams from the Boston Brewing Company as they put out some interesting microbrews throughout the 1990’s. By the late 90’s I started drinking Saranac Beer, as it was brewed in my State (NY) and they offered a good variety of awesome craft beer.

However, I really don’t always want a high alcohol-content beer, because I like to enjoy several beers at a time without getting hammered. With most IPA’s the alcohol content is often between 6% and 9%, but I prefer a beer that is under 5%, especially if I am going to have 3 or 4 over the course of a few hours.

At last, several breweries have figured this out. Many of their customers would like a lower alcohol-content craft beer that is still full-flavored and hoppy. Finally, lower ABV IPA’s are here, and I have found 2 that I really enjoy (but I’m looking for more).

Ballast Point Mango Even Keel Session IPA

Ballast Point Mango Even Keel IPA

Ballast Point Mango Even Keel IPA is a lower alcohol IPA.

I am a great fan of the citrusy hops (such as the Citra hop) and the Mango Even Keel has ample amounts. Ballast Point cranks out some truly Californian-style IPA’s with various fruit parings in the mix (and sometimes even in the mash). With Mango Even Keel, Ballast Point went to additional lengths by adding plenty of actual mango.

The beer is lighter than the typical IPA, as is the case for many Session beers. This beer has a noticeable mango bouquet, but not even a touch of mango’s natural sweetness (as this is a nicely bitter beer). Mango-scented goodness that is refreshing and bitter, and it’s only 3.8% ABV. I must admit, Ballast Point is quickly becoming my favorite Brewery as I am loving their fruity, yet bitter beers and sculpins. To learn more about Mango Even Keel click here.

Founder’s All-Day IPA

For the past 3 or so years, I have been enjoying most every beer I taste from Founders Brewing Company. The company, which based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, creates some nicely bitter beers that have that little something special edge to them. They craft classic, extremely well-brewed beer.

Founders All Day IPA

Founders All Day IPA is a lower alcohol IPA.

However, last year when I was introduced to the Founders All-Day IPA, it was true love at first sip. (Well, maybe after a few dozens sips. You know how it is.) Founder’s All-Day IPA is quite hoppy, and has a more traditional IPA character (as opposed to being “lighter” as a Session Ale). This is a Session IPA that packs a punch, yet with lower alcohol content.

An incredibly smooth and easy drinking IPA, with only 4.7% ABV, which allows for drinking several over the course of a Saturday. Yet, this beer has the bitter hoppy flavor that any lover of IPA’s will crave. This IPA also has a cleaner finish with less of an after-taste when compared to many IPA beers. To learn more about Founders All-Day IPA click here.

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