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Installing a Pistol Grip onto a Mossberg 500 Persuader Shotgun

The Rochester Gun Show in Henrietta, NY

Rochester Gun Show - Sept 2017Earlier this year, Trumper and I took Lib’er to the Gun Show in Henrietta, NY. The spring gun show is always packed, as ¬†thousands turn out for the event here in Upstate, NY. Lib’er was so impressed by all the modifications that had been done to several of the shotguns on display, that he decided to look for some pieces to modify his own Mossberg shotgun.

While stomping around the arena looking at all manner of firearms including many antique collections on display, I finally found Lib’er what he needed. A beautiful Pistol ¬†Grip specifically made for Mossberg shotguns, a match made in heaven. Lib’er took the bait, and forked over the bucks.

Here’s the same pistol grip on Amazon (for about $34), click here. Or, a much different pistol grip design here, though this one is more like a nub.

Adding a Pistol Grip onto a Mossberg 12-Gauge Shotgun

Mossberg Cruiser Grip HandleHowever, just this past weekend, while testing fireworks for my annual 4th of July Fiesta, I asked Lib’er about the Pistol Grip and he sheepishly admitted that he had done NOTHING with it. (But, he also said that he wanted to video record installing the pistol grip, as an instructional video for the website.) Anyway, that conversation led to the following video.

Lib’er was the camera man, sound technician, and official beer drinker during this production. While I installed the pistol grip onto his Mossberg Persuader Shotgun and narrated the entire process.


Instructional Video on Installing Pistol Grip onto Mossberg Shotgun



Note: We apologize for blurring parts of this video, but a major aspect of is anonymity and privacy. This is the place for being able to speak your mind intelligently in a safe environment. A website where well-founded opinions are respected. However, in order to protect each person’s free speech, we have provided anonymity in general to everyone participating on this website. (Thus, Con Man‘s face is blurred in this video.)



If you attempt to remove the barrel and reinstall it, then you are liable for your own actions. We do not cover all aspects of removing the barrel and reinstalling it in this video (as the focus is on installing the pistol grip). Please make sure you know what you are doing before attempting.

If you attempt to modify your shotgun in any manner, you do so at your own risk. We are not liable. Additionally, please check your local laws as well, because they vary place to place.

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