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First Blog Post on the FUN Side

My First Blog Post on

Friends at the range

Friends at the range.

As my first FUN blog post on this website, I wanted to explain why I created this section of the GTL Blog.

The FUN Side is about all-things traditionally “guy” or masculine. Here on this Blog, we share some of our leisure time activities, whether hobbies or purely entertainment projects. The topics may include: crossbows, BB guns, self defense weapons, drones, electronics, tools, mini-bikes, bitter beer, hot peppers, and good food. Just to name a few of the potential topics.

I want to share aspects of modern Americana, or rather, Life in the ‘Burbs.

Friends are Friends

It doesn’t matter what your political leanings are, or what your political ilk may be, as this section is for FUN. And your political persuasion really does not matter among friends.

Friends having fun

Friends having fun.

The important thing is connecting with people with whom we like to spend our leisure time. The pinnacle of our social interactions is making of a memory. Life is short, and variety is the spice of life. I do not wish to be around people who are just like me, but rather people who enhance my life and vice versa.

That’s what this Blog is all about: Friends having a good time… So, Enjoy!

Our Website Announcement

We created the following video months before our launch as a promo. It’s just a little humor we don’t want to forget.

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