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Celebrating the 4th of July with GTL

America Has Always Been Great

Declaration of Independence - July 4, 1776On the 4th of July, families and friends across America gather to celebrate the birth of our Nation. It was on this day July 4th, 1776, when we declared to the Brits, “F-off! We’re controlling our own destinies unhindered by your tyranny.” And ever since, this day has been The Day to celebrate our freedoms openly with those we love, feasting on summertime salads and grilled foods, and ending the day with explosions as fireworks light up the sky.

Two-hundred and forty-one years later, and we still pull out all the stops and celebrate as though the Revolutionary War was only a few years ago and our freedoms still fresh and new. It’s the day that ALL AMERICANS – brown & white, European & Native, veteran & civilian, business owner & employee, Liberal & Conservative, rich & poor – stand side by side in solidarity as a free people. We have earned our freedoms and we own our rights. We provide dignity to every person, and equal protection under the law to all citizens and residents.

America IS and has always been great!

Celebrating in the ‘Burbs

target practice boy

Target practice with the target boy

Out here in the Suburbs, away from the buzz of any downtown activities or the commotion of a beachfront Park full of families, many Americans have get-togethers in their own backyards on the 4th. Sometimes it’s a close knit group, and other times it may include aunts and uncles, cousins and family friends.

We were one of those people, as my sister and her husband (the notorious Con Man) hosted our families for a backyard grand fiesta, which he promised would conclude with a decent fireworks display. Of course, a week earlier we lit off dozens of bottle rockets and a few large mortars as we “tested” his stockpiles, but the 4th is THE Day for fireworks.

I was hard-pressed to come up with an idea that was safe enough for the children who would be present, and yet would top Con Man’s fireworks display. In the end, I realized that all I could do was enhance the experience in some way, so I decided to fly my drone above the fireworks (as a drone can fly 400 feet up per legal limits, and I assumed the fireworks only flew up 100 feet or so).

4th of July with GTL - the first Firework!Assumptions can be a bad thing. As the first firework, a large mortar, shot one piece right by my drone (within a few feet). You can see this with the first firework shown in the video below. After that I moved the drone back away from the fireworks trajectory the best I could, and I filmed most of the show. Thank you, Con Man for all the FUN on the 4th!

Fireworks with The Gun Toting Liberal (GTL)



Below is a Slow-Motion version of the first Firework in this video, which almost took out my drone! The one piece shot within a few feet of the drone on its way up.



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HAPPY 4th OF JULY! (A few days late… sorry.)


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