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A Hillbilly’s Diet – Food for the Man Cave

Vittles and Drink for the Man Cave

When we gather together in the Cave of Men, typically in a basement or garage, we enjoy magnanimous vittles. Food that is truly fit for a king, amidst our comradery.

Hillbilly vittles and drink - food for the man cave

Hillbilly vittles and drink. Food for the man cave.

However, as cave men, we also have a penchant for foods that are strongly scented and robustly flavored. Food that can change our lives and make us better humans, such as Brooklyn Lager, anchovies, and a hot jalapeno.

Brooklyn Lager & Anchovies

Brooklyn Lager is a smooth lager with a nice little bite. Plus that unique Brooklyn Lager taste and finish. It’s Malty, and yet has a crisp and bitter floral hoppiness. One of my favorite New York Microbrews, which is widely available east of the Mississippi River. (For more info about Brooklyn Lager, click here.)

The Steak-Tartare of the Sea - Anchovy fillets

The Steak-Tartare of the Sea! Delicious Anchovy fillets.

As for the Anchovies, we all started eating them out of a jar or tin a few years back. They used to be just for certain special occasions, but now they have become a weekly occurrence while watching NFL football or Nascar racing. Especially true over the winter and into the spring.

Currently, I feel the King Oscar Anchovies are the best, IF and only if the tin is fresh and has been handled properly. (Sometimes, these can be on the old-side and be more mushy than fillets. This is when they are not as good, but they’re still tasty.) However, the Bella Famiglia brand (shown in the photo here) always provides fresh and very good Anchovy fillets.

There is one more type of Anchovy that I would be remiss not to mention, though this one is much more mellow tasting. The fillets are very large as well, just like a can of sardines. The Wild Planet (Sustainably Caught) White Anchovies are tasty. They are delicious! (Though, my local Wegmans are no longer carrying them for some reason.)


Wild Planet White Anchovies

Wild Planet White Anchovies. Very mellow tasting and delicious.

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