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Why I am a Liberal Progressive

Why I Choose to be a Liberal Progressive

Postwar 1950's Middle-Class family

Postwar 1950’s Middle-Class American family

America was built by the Working Class, who required the collective protection of Labor Unions after the Industrial Revolution. Ultimately, this Working Class became the Middle-Class of the 1950’s, who then required the protection of the US Government. Protection from greedy, take-all Corporatists who would rob these workers of their full due.

However, beginning in earnest during the Reagan-80’s, the “trickle down theory” (or as I call it, “trickle down propaganda”) gave way to an ultra-elite class of rich people who took more and more from the working man and woman. For several generations, Labor Unions and Government Regulations forced companies to give back to their employees up until the 1980’s. However, due to Reaganomics at that time and the emerging “global economy,” retirement benefits and salary increases in the US are now a mere pittance in most cases when compared to the full pensions and yearly raises of just a few decades ago.

American telephone industry historyIt is only when corporations and business owners give back equitably to their employees that an economy will boom, providing economic growth that is continuous and steady. When companies truly “share the wealth” with their workers, rather than seek to only maximize profits for the owners at the expense of all else, then America WILL be great again. This is one reason why I am a Progressive. I believe that the right Government Regulations can indeed bring about the needed economic changes, and spur innovation and industry.

(There are many examples of Progressive Efforts spurring economic growth, such as the Renewable Industry in Denmark. Or think of the evolution of the Telephone Industry in America, as it was HEAVILY subsidized by Uncle Sam for nearly 100 years – and ultimately spawned the entire Telecommunications Mega-Industry.)

Senator Bernie Sanders speaking

Senator Bernie Sanders

HOWEVER, this will NOT happen with Trump’s Nationalist agenda, nor will it happen with the current mainstream Republican coup in Congress. This will ONLY happen when Progressive Politicians gain control, when Americans come together to support leaders such as Bernie Sanders and a much more Progressive Agenda.

America Already Is Socialistic

Additionally, I want to use a word that I rue to mention, solely because it is misunderstood and improperly used in America. That word is “Socialism” in the context of Democratic Socialism, which is a blending of Socialism and Capitalism with a focus on  individual liberty.

Democratic Socialism

Democratic Socialism

Let’s get something straight off the bat, the United States of America is already a socialistic society. We have a socialized public school system, socialized water and sewer plants, socialized roads and bridges, socialized public parks, a socialized retirement system via Social Security, and just about a fully socialized healthcare system.

The point is, when a government takes money from its citizens in the form of taxes and re-purposes the monies into programs that benefit all citizens, it is considered “socialized” or Socialistic. Roads and bridges, sewer systems and water departments, public schools and colleges, public parks and recreational areas, green spaces and river walks, transportation departments with plow crews, and even airports are all examples of American Socialism. Think of our current Healthcare system (which is partially socialized) as well as Social Security too (which is fully socialized).

FDR's The New Deal

FDR’s The New Deal

We are already a Socialistic country, do not kid yourself. America has been socialistic for the past 100 years. Yet, America often flirts with ending many social programs for the presumed sake of less taxes and more individual freedom & responsibility. Republicans often use the word “Socialist” incorrectly, as though the word means a “Communist” or a “Marxist,” when it does Not when used in this context.

From my perspective, a Democratic Socialist is a freedom-loving “Progressive” who believes in robust personal liberties or freedoms, and the right to privacy surrounding those freedoms. In this way, truly a “Liberal Progressive” in the political sense.

Now mind you, Democratic Socialist does Not mean “anti-entrepreneurial,” as indeed we are a nation of the most ingenious business people. America reigns supreme in many markets including business, agriculture, pharmaceutical, and high tech. The correct Government actions can spur innovation and industry, and the Liberal Progressive mindset can provide the correct Agenda once its proponents are elected to Congress.

A true Democratic Socialist Republic is first off, a democracy. This form of government puts the citizen’s rights first, above all else, including corporate interests and government plans. The common man and woman comes first, not big money or big influence. And again, this is why I am a Liberal Progressive.

OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people…

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