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The Donald Trump Presidency Timeline 2017

The Trump Whitehouse

Trump's Oval Office

Trump’s Oval Office – Like it, or get out!

Since Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States, so much has transpired. Yet, for over a year we watched as The Donald garnered the Republican Nomination from among a large group of potential candidates. Even though the shenanigans of Trump’s Presidential Campaign seemed insurmountable on numerous occasions, as though there were no way that Trump could ever possibly become the Republican Nominee. And yet,  Trump beat the odds.

Now, I may have some strong opinions about President Donald Trump and his decisions so far, but he won far and square. (So long as you do not consider the Russian meddling into our Election process.) Regardless of all the crap that surrounds Trump, he won the Electoral College Vote to become the 45th President, as he so frequently reminds us even still.

Trump Controversies Confusion

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump upset as usual.

With that said, I must note though that there have been so many controversies, unethical behaviors, and suspicious connections in and among Trump and his close associates (whether in the Cabinet or the Campaign), that it cannot be ignored. And yet, much is being ignored, solely because there is something new all the time. With Donald Trump’s Presidency the sheer number of weekly (and even daily) incidents is staggering and difficult to follow. Trump’s Presidency seems to be breeding confusion in order to keep his true agenda on track (as best he can in Washington).

I believe Donald Trump may have intended this confusion all along, to be the Disrupter of Washington in order to distract attention from specific things he wants to go unnoticed. Trump is no dummy. He may seem like a dumb-ass at times in his appearances, but beneath that bumbling facade, he is a shrewd NY City businessman. He’s done his homework with manipulating the media and has learned first hand how to spin situations in his favor (or, in order to keep the focus off other much larger issues being handled in the background).

Trump Presidency Timeline

President Donald J Trump

President Donald J Trump

For the first 100 Days of Trump’s Presidency, I tried to take notes of specific situations and stories to share on this blog, as we were preparing to launch this website. However, with Trump there have been so many incidents to note, that I could not keep up (as obviously this blog is not my full time job).

I was relieved to find the Trump Presidency Timeline on Wikipedia, as it helps me recall the specifics situations in chronological order. This timeline reminds me of all the shenanigans that have transpired so far over the first 6 months with President Donald Trump. And it does help me make sense of it all, the official acts and statements, chronologically to some extent.

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