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Liberal Progressives in America and Gun Rights

Liberal Progressives in America

I know that there are many fish to fry in regard to what needs to happen in America today. As Liberal Progressives, I believe our top priorities should be focused upon:

  1. Democratic National Convention (DNC)Cost-effective Healthcare for all, also known as Single-Payer Healthcare.
  2. Effective regulations that protect Main Street from Wall Street AND hold Wall Street accountable when necessary.
  3. Implementing the Renewable Revolution as we move completely from fossil fuels to solely Renewable Energy.

Each of these goals is complex, but no longer out of reach, as we possess the acumen and the wherewithal. We must move toward achieving these primary goals. However, there is one side issue, although truly minor in comparison to the Top 3 Priorities, that should also get attention. As this issue involves the mindset of the nation.

Politically Liberal Gun Owners

Gallup Survey Gun Owners in AmericaCurrently, according to a respected annual survey, about 40% of registered Democrats own a firearm, as opposed to 55% of registered Republicans. However, the percentage of “Liberal” voters who are buying guns is rising at a rapid pace, which some evidence indicates has increased even more since the election of Donald Trump as President.

So, if 40% of Democrats own a gun, then why does the current Republican narrative paint Democrats and Liberals as gun-haters who want to “take away all guns” and prepare the population for Martial Law? How does something so far removed from reality become a large facet of our culture’s perception of reality?

The answer is obvious to me. The NRA is partially to blame, and then all the Republican cronies that have continued this rhetoric. And, SADLY, ┬áthis narrative has been played to by Hillary Clinton and the DNC under her direction. However, many (if not most) Democrats would disagree with certain aspects of the DNC’s platform under Hilary Clinton this past year. Almost all Democrats agree with closing the loopholes that we know exist which preclude the Federal Background Check from happening in all instances. However, not all Democrats would agree with the other aspects of the DNC’s platform in regard to Guns as relayed at the 2016 Convention.

Gun Toting LiberalsIt is up to us, Liberal Gun Owners in America, to get the truth out to the voting public. Liberal Democrats are not lock-stock-and-barrel opposed to legal Gun Ownership. However, some are in favor of more regulations on firearms (such as Hillary Clinton), which this Blog does not agree with as there appears to be enough gun laws already. (We just need to enforce the laws that already exist and close all the loopholes that currently allow criminals to obtain guns so easily.)

Again I stress, it is up to us Liberal Gun Owners to make our voices heard and influence the DNC to change their platform slightly to be more inline with the 40% of Democrats who legally own guns. (That is, if they want our votes.)

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