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Liberal Gun Owners are Misunderstood on All Sides

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

You'll be damned if you doBeing a Gun Owner who is a Liberal Progressive politically, brings with it challenges that neither Republicans or Democrats seem able to fully grasp. This is not due to being some sort of social mutant, but is due to the current rhetoric that has developed over the past 20+ years. The NRA and Republicans have crafted a world view in which they present all Liberals and Democrats as wanting to abolish all guns & firearms.

What’s worse is that they have millions of people, on both sides of the aisle, who subscribe to this worldview regardless of its validity. As we will see from the data, about 40% of Democrats and Liberals own a gun.

I personally get cross-eyed glances from various groups of Democrats and Liberals, though they tend to be of a certain ilk and not indicative of mainstream Democrats or most Liberal Progressives in general. But, as a “Gun Toting Liberal” I do feel disapproval and even angst from certain sub-groups within the Democratic Party.

However, much worse than this, is the rampant vitriol that anyone can easily receive from those on the political Right, specifically NRA Republicans and Tea-Party’ers. These folks will jump at any chance to viciously attack any Liberal who dares even mention a “gun,” whether pro-gun or anti-gun. Ironically, these sardonic haters claim their hostilities toward any Liberal who dares mention a gun, is done on the grounds of “being a patriotic American” and “standing up for the 2nd Amendment.” Ironic, in that their actions are completely Authoritarian, even Fascist. (Aka, the opposite of “democratic.”)

Bullying is Often a Sign of a WEAK Argument

I was recently harassed by a group on Twitter when I Re-Tweeted a post by Moms Demand Action. Not a big deal really, but you can see how easily these folks are worked up to a frenzy, even though what they were discussing about me was nonsensical. (As I do not believe in more gun control laws, but rather enforcing the law of the land as it currently exists – more about this below.) These people seem to feel that they have a right and an obligation to bully and harass any Liberal, especially one who claims he is “Gun Toting.”

United States ConstitutionFirst off, the counter to their argument and the reply to their harsh statements is simply the truth. Democrats and Liberal Gun Owners are pro-Second Amendment, as they are legal Gun Owners of their own volition. (Liberal Gun Owners may believe in reasonable gun regulations, such as the Federal Background Check. However, most Democratic Gun Owners do not believe in abolishing guns. Obviously! I would fight tooth and nail against such a change to the Constitution, as would most gun owners.)

Secondly, in our Democracy, citizens and legal residents can OPENLY disagree and speak their minds on any issue of the day privately or publicly, as this is guaranteed in the First Amendment. So, when these radical NRA gun-nuts try to hamper my free speech by telling me to “shut up” with their bullying and hostile tactics, they are the ones acting un-American.

So, What are my Rights as an American?

In the United States, citizens of our Democracy may also “petition the government” in regard to any law or Constitutional Right that they feel is unjust, or any law or Constitutional Right that they would like to see created and enacted. This is EVERY citizen’s Right. We may all attempt to influence legal changes to our system, as that is the very foundation of a Democracy.

However, a Democracy (or any society for that matter) is destined to change over time, as the demographics change and new technical advancements alter our social constructs. This was anticipated by our Founding Fathers, and it is why they set up the Constitution the way they did in the first place.

Article V of the US ConstitutionThe US Constitution provided the framework on which our Democracy would be built. And within this framework, they allowed for changes to be made to the Constitution itself. To begin the process, an Amendment to the US Constitution can ONLY be proposed by a super-majority consisting of 2/3’s of both Houses in the US Congress. Or, an Amendment can be proposed by 2/3’s of the 50 State legislatures in the country, which would be 34 of the 50 States.

HOWEVER, Amendments to the US Constitution do NOT require Congress OR the President to become part of the Constitution. Rather, all that is needed for an Amendment to become part of our Supreme Law is ratification by 3/4’s, which is currently 38, of the 50 State legislatures in the country. (More about this rule is contained in Article 5 of the Constitution – click here.)

Adding an Amendment to the Constitution is a feat that no one would attempt in the current polarized climate, as our political leaders are much too divided and partisan to have the solidarity required to even suggest an Amendment. (Yet alone, to pass an Amendment that would nullify the 2nd Amendment and thus ban all firearms. This will likely never happen at any time.)

The rhetoric of NRA-crazed Republicans is just pure fictional garbage in regard to Liberal Gun Owners and Democrats who own firearms.

The Truth about Democrats & Liberal Progressives in regard to Gun Ownership

Finally, and possibly the most important, 40% of registered Democrats own a gun. That’s a lot, even when compared to the 55% of registered Republicans who own a gun. The point is, nearly 50% of Americans own a firearm. Gun ownership is widespread across all demographics.

Gun Owners in America - Republicans vs Democrats

Additionally, when you look at a Liberal Progressive leader such as Bernie Sanders, you see that he has no issues whatsoever with legal and lawful gun ownership. Though, he does believe in closing ALL Loopholes that allow criminals to so easily obtain firearms. This is obviously a reasonable request and within the bounds of the Constitution. (Click here to view Bernie Sanders official position on Gun Control issues.)

Federal Gun Background Check

Federal Gun Background Checks are the “law of the land,” yet certain State and local laws provide methods for bypassing this Federal requirement. We need to close these loopholes everywhere, for everyone’s safety.

I personally believe that the current laws that have been passed are adequate in most locations, and we do not need any additional gun regulations. What we need is Gun Sense through gun safety education for everyone, mandatory training for those who are interested in gun ownership, and closing the current loopholes to Background Checks in ALL instances where they exist due to State & local laws.

Liberal Gun ClubWhat I personally believe is in line with The Liberal Gun Club, which is a nonprofit organization promoting gun safety and gun training.

The truth of the matter is that there are millions of Democrats & Liberals who own guns and are pro-2nd Amendment. Progressive Liberals want full enforcement of the current federal law. We must have Federal Background Checks in ALL instances whenever a gun is being purchased. This is a reasonable requirement for owning any firearm, and such regulations are within the bounds of the US Constitution.

If we had the Federal Background Check in all instances, it would weed out many people who are not permitted to legally own a gun, from acquiring one in the first place (which unfortunately happens in various locations now). Plus, the main point being, THIS ALREADY IS THE “LAW OF THE LAND” literally. So, why are we arguing about it’s full enforcement?!?


You can read more about Liberal Progressives and Gun Rights here.


Note: Some sources say that Gun Ownership in the US is about 1 in 3 adults. I wanted to also include this data, which is different than the about 40% figure I use in the article (I also link to that source in the article above).

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