Firing FBI Director James Comey during the Russian Collusion Probe ::



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Firing FBI Director James Comey during the Russian Collusion Probe

President Trump Fires FBI Director Amid Investigation into Trump Campaign

Comey swearing-in

Comey swearing-in

So, as we all know, this past Tuesday afternoon, President Trump did what he does best. “You’re fired!” And FBI Director James Comey was removed from his position with the FBI immediately.

What we all cannot believe is that President Trump did this in the middle of an FBI investigation into his own Campaign.

Now Trump claims innocence, but the investigation needs to runs its course unabated and fully funded for the sake of our Democracy. A sitting President has the right to dismiss the FBI Director at any time and for any reason. He has that power, but not during the midst of an investigation into his own Campaign. President Trump’s Presidential Right is not granted carte blanche.

The Senate and House both have the Power to Ultimately Control the President

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump upset as usual.

The US Senate and House of Representatives both have the authority to be a Check & Balance on the Presidency. The House can vote to Impeach the President, but only the Senate can vote to actually Remove a sitting President from office after an Impeachment. However, at this point in time, this reality is moot, because both Houses of Congress are in Republican control. And, they have no desire to impeach their Party’s sitting President.

So here we sit, on the precipice of the demise of our Democracy, and a decision must be made. Whether or not President Trump and/or his Campaign colluded with Russia, there is more than enough evidence already disclosed to the public to warrant a full and thorough investigation. And, this investigation needs to be conducted unimpeded. We ALL know this – Democrats and Republicans, Libertarians and independents.

We must collectively insist that the Russian Investigation continue unimpeded with the proper funding, and conducted by the best and brightest people who we know to be impartial.

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Update 6-24-17: Much more about the Russian Collusion and Trump situation in this NPR article that explores ALL the characters and situations from the beginning until the current time.


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