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Donald Trump, Miss Universe, Russian Intel, and Collusion

Donald Trump and Controversies

Since Donald Trump first launched his Presidential Campaign in 2015, he has been surrounded by one controversy after another. So much so, that it has been difficult to write about all of Trump’s issues for fear that more information or something even bigger might break overnight. This can be devastating for a featured writer or blogger, as this “wait & see game” eats up the one resource you can never replace – time itself.

Trump fires James Comey

Trump fires FBI Director James Comey

Weeks back, in mid-May, I wrote a Blog post about “Firing FBI Director James Comey” and laid forth some of the details that were known at that time regarding the Russian Collusion investigation. In that article and the “Donald Trump Timeline,” I mentioned a premise that I had come upon; a premise that seems to be echoed more and more as of late. As to the careful observer with any investigative skill or inquisitive mindset, it seems that all along Trump has purposefully utilized any and all controversies surrounding himself to his own advantage. Sort of like the Chaos Theory realized in modern-day politics, and quite inexplicable how it always seems to work in Trump’s favor. My conclusion is that this is due to the sheer volume of controversial activities surrounding Trump.

Now it doesn’t really help Trump when so many seemingly nefarious situations occur around him, as most would conclude that the high number of events shines a negative light on Trump’s character and his associates. Yet, due to the sheer frequency of Trump Controversies, we have become accustomed to the daily barrage of negative press about him. I will also note, anecdotally, that the continual stream of negative press about Donald Trump in the mass media now is similar to what the Right-wing media did during President Obama’s first term. This is a known tactic used by Big Money to alter public perception  by disseminating misinformation – aka, fake news – as though it were true, often by misrepresenting the actual facts.

MASS MEDIA - News Agencies and Influential Organizations

Thus, when it was Obama, FOX News went ballistic on him and his policies, as did various Right-Wing Social Media sites. Now that it is Trump in office, EVERY OTHER NEWS AGENCY IN AMERICA is shining a light on President Trump’s Administration and his ascension to power. The sad reality is that the true News is very disheartening. The more we learn about the Russian meddling into our election, the more it ties directly to President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, Jr.’s Unfortunate “20 Minute Meeting” with Multiple Russians

Veselnitskaya - Russian Lawyer Who Met Donald Trump Jr.On June 7th, the final day of the Republican Primaries, Donald Trump Jr. solidified plans to meet with several Russians at Trump Tower in regard to “official Russian Government documents” regarding Hillary Clinton. This meeting happened 2 days later at Trump Tower in NYC, and the list of those in attendance has evolved over time to include several high-ranking and influential Russians (at least, the ones we know about currently).

Donald Trump, Jr. would later explain this to Sean Hannity on FOX News, stating that it was “a wasted 20 minutes, which was a shame” as, according to Donald Jr., the Russians did not deliver what they had promised. Yet, Donald Jr. had not disclosed anything about this meeting until he was forced to do so. He was coerced into releasing his emails ahead of a NY Times article that he learned was going to be printed regarding his communications with the Russians relating to the meeting on June 9th.

If the meeting that Donald Jr. had with the Russians was truly a big nothing burger, as the Trumps are all asserting (the President also chiming in to his son’s defense already), then WHY WAIT TO DISCLOSE DETAILS ABOUT THIS MEETING UNTIL YOUR HAND IS FORCED? This ONLY SERVES to make YOU LOOK GUILTY. Plus, knowing how well educated Donald Jr. is, it is hard to believe he would be so stupid or careless. Though, President Trump also appears to use his aloofness to feign a lack of knowledge about things that you can almost be certain a Billionaire-Real-Estate-Tycoon would make sure he knew. (He was a highly successful businessman before becoming the President. Right?)

Controversies Create Confusion

The Art of War: Sun TzuAnyone who has read the Art of War should recognize the sleight of hand that comes from creating multiple commotions to breed mass confusion, while carrying out your true plans undetected. This isn’t really Rocket Science, and anyone who watches Reality TV Shows could also learn this strategy.

I am starting to fully trust my initial hypothesis that President Trump would use controversies to his advantage as a part of his overall strategy. Mr. Trump knew there would be many controversies just due to the life he had lived, and so he planned well in advance how he would handle the flow of negative News. I propose that this is all part of his Master Plan, as crazy as that sounds. Only time will tell if my theory is accurate. (Well maybe. However, it is just as likely that we will never know all that President Trump had planned for his time in office, nor what he actually achieves behind-the-scenes while he is the President.)


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